More than 10,000 people travel the world teaching classes with the CELTA certificate, thanks to its wide international acceptance. In the United Kingdom, around 91% of employers prefer teachers with this certification.

What is the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages course?

CELTA –the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages – is the most highly recognised and regarded initial English teaching certification worldwide. It’s awarded by the University of Cambridge Assessment English, meaning you can rely on the CELTA’s quality and accreditation. CELTA will allow you to travel around the world, teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Why take CELTA with us?
  • It is the most frequently sought-after qualification for TEFL jobs worldwide.
  • Moderated by the University of Cambridge.
  • We have highly qualified, experienced trainers, including two Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages assessors on staff, who also moderate other centres and courses around the world.
  • It is recognised as a Level 5 Qualification by the British Curriculum Authority, so it follows an authorised syllabus.
  • It´s a course only offered by Authorised and well-established Teacher Education centres.
  • It is moderated and assessed by Cambridge ESOL every time a course runs, not just on an occasional basis.

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You can now take CELTA 100% Online from anywhere in the world with us.

What skills will you get?

Will the fact that I’ve taken CELTA Online appear on my certificate?

No. CELTA Online leads to exactly the same certificate as the face-to-face course. Assessed outcomes are the same for all trainees, so there is no need for separate certification. We will also issue a second and separate certificate for the extra 50hrs of work you will engage in exclusively focused on developing your new online teaching English: Certificate in Teaching English Online.

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Why take CELTA with us?

What makes our course different from other centres?

  • Flexibility.
  • Online materials and resources.
  • Free teaching English online course & extra benefits.
  • Extra electives & guided lesson planning sessions.
  • Assignments & support.
  • Extra it and g. Suite training.
  • The lye- international house university teacher membership.
  • Job placement and recruitment service.
  • Financial aid and access to education.
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Why take CELTA with us?

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